After her fourth child, Bridget Chase Wilson was simply tired of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Despite her overflowing personality, Bridget spent years finding clothing that would hide the pieces of her body she was unhappy with. One day, enough was enough and Bridget started researching what exercise might be best for her.

Her figure skating and a dance background, entrepreneurial spirit, and determined and innovative character came together, springing the creation of this powerhouse exercise. Using her own body for testing, Bridget pulled the best and most effective exercises together into one cohesive, complete method. As Bridget grew stronger, leaner, and more grounded, her friends wanted in on the action, and thus Native Barre was born.


Fun Facts: In college Bridget became a house DJ for fun. After moving to Middleburg she pursued her love for clothing design and created and manufactured a children’s clothing line called, The Magic Wardrobe. Native Barre Studios has allowed her to combine her love for fitness, music and fashion.  




All of our teacher are highly trained to help you modify for any injury and keep you safe while getting the best work out EVER!


Maureen was fortunate to learn about Native Barre Studios after moving to a small town just outside Middleburg; little did she know that it would change her life. On top of the fantastic workout, Maureen always talks about the great people she’s been able to meet, combined with the opportunity to stay home with her kids. She was 1 of 9 growing up so she’s used to a diverse mix of personalities and people. She simply adores her Native Warriors. Her favorite part is that you never reach the top of it. You can always go a tad deeper in thigh, hold your belly in a bit tighter, and squeeze your buns little more; the choice is yours.



Pro tip: Don’t go hungry. Have a healthy snack beforehand so that you aren’t ravenous afterwards. 



The birth of Angela's second son in 2001 coincided with her Mom's ovarian cancer coming out of remission and she passed away in 2005 at 55 years of age and Angela was determined not to become a cancer statistic. She engaged in many forms of exercise,and turned to Pilates and barre exercise in order to strengthen and stabilize muscles around her spine after an injury instead of traditional treatments. Angela has a strong desire to empower people to live healthy and fit lives. She was quick to fall in love with the Native Barre experience and the emphasis on proper alignment, muscular engagement.



Fun fact:Angela learned how to do splits last year; at 44!