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Our concept is a well orchestrated combination of exercises and stretches, taught by our highly trained instructors, that develop a strong mind body connection.

The Native Barre Method encompasses isometric and compound exercises and stretches that can be modified to each person’s needs throughout the group class setting. There is a perfect balance between strength training and stretching which is formulated to restore and help realign the skeletal muscle system and give you the tools to create strength, increaseflexibility, and rebuild the posture your body craves and deserves. 

Native Barre is highly effective yet easy on your joints. Finding and creating a mind-to-muscle connection using Native Barre will allow you to transform your body every time you step foot into the studio. Our cornerstone barre class is 75 minutes of sculpting and stretching set to an ever-evolving playlist, with intention behind every song choice.




The Native Barre method is particularly unique for not only the use isometric movements, but also incorporating a mix of lateral and compound movements.  Every class is 75 minutes long and targets every muscle in the body by using a series of tiny, dynamic, isometric movements and holding fatigue in each muscle group being worked.  Native Barre will give you a strong core, create long and lean muscles, lift your seat, increase your flexibility, improve your posture and give you strength and endurance. 



In every Native Barre class, stretching is a top priority. Every time you work a muscle, you will immediately stretch that muscle afterwards. This keeps your body long and lean and avoids bulking or tightness, gives you a strong core and increases your flexibility and cardiovascular health. Our main goal is to bring back or maintain functionality for every part of your body, making stretching a crucial part of our classes.



At Native Barre, we find the mind body connection to be an essential part of overall fitness - with high attention to form and posture, we reestablish communication from your mind to building and strengthening your body.  The places we need to work on most physically tend to be the ones which we have lost focus on mentally and our methods are all about reopening the conversation with your body while working on your internal state of health, and it works!



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