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Eat Fat, Eat Less?

As it warms up outside and we shed layers of clothing, many people start to reevaluate their eating habits. Now that you are wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts, maybe that extra scoop of ice cream isn’t the best idea. Some even start a strict diet, limit their fat intake, limit their calorie intake…that should do the trick. And guess what, it NEVER does the trick of miracle weight loss…now let me explain why this doesn’t work.

The truth is your body NEEDS fat. The two most prominent reasons you need fat in your diet are

to satiate your body which triggers your brain that you are in fact FULL and can stop eating to absorbs all those good vitamins and minerals our foods have locked inside of them.

This is exciting, right? I get to eat fat! Here we come McDonalds, Diary Queen and whatever other fast food spot you enjoy.

Well, not exactly, the second part to this is that we need to remember that not ALL calories and fats are created equal. Remember the 90s craze of low fat? You could eat half a box of Snackwells, no fat/ low fat, no problem! What they didn’t let us know was that all that fat was replaced with sugar and chemicals. There was not one redeeming calorie in this low fat dessert but because it was low in fat (or even better, no fat) we “bit” right into that phenomenon and embraced it whole-heartedly. Except, we didn’t lose any weight, we didn’t feel any better and many continued to gain weight. So what is the answer?

Prepare and eat foods with quality fats when cooking. There are so many choices out there now for cooking with fat! Avocado Oil, Ghee, Olive Oil, maybe even a little duck fat! Don’t forget about all the whole food fats out there. Raw nuts and seeds, avocados, eggs, animal fats in moderation. Balance these items out with fresh produce to get all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you healthy.

Take the extra time to select high-quality items when shopping because the truth is…YOUR WORTH IT!!!!

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