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Maureen St. Germain

This month, I completed my Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner course through the Nutritional Therapy Association. I have been continually amazed and excited as I learn about the human body and how we can use food to help heal ourselves from chronic conditions as well as aid with healthy aging. Each month, I will pick a topic and provide insight so we all can work towards optimal health.

All signs are pointing to us being able to return to life somewhat as we know it as we emerge out of the quarantine. We can dine in at restaurants, see friends, and even return to Native Barre Studios classes!

Classes will resume at 6:30AM this Friday, June 19th. Yippee! More information will be sent out about extra precautions that are taking place. There can only be 18 participants in class so it is essential to register for class online to secure your space. You can also live stream classes from your home! Register for the live stream class and a link will be sent to your email 1 hour prior to class. Click the link and you can attend class from the comfort of your home!

BUT before we fully move forward, I ask you to take a few minutes to look back. These past few months have been at times, boring, trying and lonely BUT I have to think we have all found one or two positives to come from being stuck at home. I ask that you think about these positives and see how you could incorporate them into your life on a regular basis instead of throwing them away.

Maybe you were able to implement a more consistent sleep schedule that has left you feeling more well rested. Stick with it! Quality sleep improves your immunity!

Maybe you gave your dog an extra walk a day. Maintain it! Movement benefits you both. It can give you an energy boost if you are feeling tired from staring at your computer screen. It can aid with digestion if done after a meal. Unless it is pouring rain, I don’t know anyone who has said, I regret getting outside and getting some fresh air.

Did you set up a few Zoom happy hours with friends or family…I can’t believe we never thought to do this before! Now I get to visit with my sisters once a week when before it was limited to holidays and a week in the summer! Those laughs about our family and the craziness of a household of 9 kids and 2 parents has definitely lifted my mood more than once!

My point is, we were all forced to slow down a bit these past few months but it is worth taking the time to evaluate and celebrate whatever successes came out of quarantine no matter how big or small. It is these successes that got us through a rough patch so maybe it is worth ensuring we don’t discard them and make them a habit. They have made us better, healthier, more motivated and maybe even helped us keep our sanity at times!

I know Bridget and all the Native Barre instructors are looking forward to getting back at it! Get ready to tuck, pull your belly in and shake!

We will see you in the studio soon!

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