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by Kallan Ludder

It was late April. You could feel the hum of excitement as the Native Barre Warriors huddled close, anxiously awaiting the big news. When Bridget walked through the door and announced that the studio was holding another quest, everyone went wild! Each Warrior, should they choose to participate, was challenged to come to three or four classes for the next eight weeks; sculpting their muscles, connecting their minds to their bodies, and transforming themselves into the strongest, healthiest, and most grounded versions of themselves. 

Come May 1st, each Warrior was ready for action and excited to change their physical states. They moved forward with determination to kick some serious buns in the Native Renew Challenge. 

They squatted until sunset. They did calf raises until the sun rose again in the morning. They did so many ballet arms that the Juilliard School of Dance was begging them to apply. They pulsed, tucked, and squeezed so many parts of their body that they had smoke literally seeping from their burning muscles. They worked their buns off every week, set on persevering! 

Fast forward 8 weeks later and they've made it! As the Warriors returned home, the town couldn't believe their eyes! They threw flowers, embraced their loved ones, and oggled over the drastic changes each Warrior made to their minds and bodies! Some of the Warriors even seemed to be levitating or floating, their internal peace was so apparent! "This is a challenge to be CELEBRATED," Bridget exclaimed! They danced, sang, and shared stories until the early morning. It was truly amazing. 

Congratulations, Warriors! You made it through the 8 Week Native Renew Challenge! We are so wonderfully proud of you and the incredible transformations you've made over the past two months! Congratulate yourselves, the following AMAZING Warriors made it the full 8 Weeks! YOU DESERVE IT!


Ann Beckman // Aubrey Poe // Bob Rush // Bunny Shick // Cle Toledano // Crystal Puelo// Diane Hilton // Dorothy Beach // Jennifer Rooney // Kim Basinger // Kim Cadwell // Lara Dunlap // Leah Palmer // Lisa Sherman // Lori Caratzola // Marcy Harris // Mary Ann Withers // Margot Blattman // Maria Eldredge // Megan Catherwood // Megan Krauss // Phyllis Cullen Robin Keys // Sarah O'Neil // Sherri Tweed // Sophie Schroeder // Sue Puelo // Susan Shipp // Toni Gauthier


Alison Cagle // Chastity Johnson // Erica Rowe // Katy Fisher // Lori Watson // Radha Kandula  Rhonda VanLowe // Sarah Panakenier  // Shari Baroody // Stacy Rodgers // Yassi Farzaneh


Laurie McClary // Michon Beauchamps

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